Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Announcing 2016 "Nature in Kingston Chase" Photo Contest

Announcing the 4th Annual Kingston Chase Conservation CORPS Nature Photography Contest. E-mail pictures to with a brief caption or description. Submit nature entries in any of the following categories:
- Winter 
- Spring
- Summer 
- Animalia
- Neighbors and Nature
- Junior photographer (12 years and younger)

Deadline is Dec 31st. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Congratulations to Winners of the 2015 "Nature in Kingston Chase" Photo Contest

Congratulations to all of the photographers who entered this year’s contest! We received over 40 entries! Once again you presented the beauty and thriving nature of our community in interesting and beautiful ways. We all benefit from seeing nature through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us! Please keep sharing your photos – the 2016 “Nature in Kingston Chase” Photo contest is up and running – just send photos to!



Overall Winner                  Brady Golomb, Red Clouds

                Runner-Up         Ellen Claff, Butterfly on Echinacea 2


Animalia Winner               Paul Short, Squirrel

                 Runner-Up        Joel Ross, Praying Mantis


Neighbors and Nature

                Winner                 Maria B., Two Birds in a Bush

                Runner-Up         Maria B., The Elusive Hummingbird


Winter Winner                  Brady Golomb, Red Clouds


Spring Winner                   Paul Short, Bee on Dandelion


Summer Winner               Paul Short, Changing Seasons

                Runner-Up         Ellen Claff, Butterfly on Butterfly Bush


Fall Winner                         Christine Auslander, Trail

                Runner-Up         Christine Auslander, Red Bush


Best Spontaneous Photograph – Christine Auslander, Pink Fire Sunrise

Best Junior Photographer – Brady Golomb, Red Clouds


Honorable Mention:

Joel Ross, Dogwood Leaves

Paul Short, Bluebird

Ellen Claff, Grasshopper on Celosia

Maria B., Monarch on Zinnia

Maria B., Monarch on Pink Zinnia


Winners and Runners-Up will have their photographs displayed in the clubhouse on Saturday, April 23rd, at our neighborhood Earth Day Celebration. All of the entries may be viewed at


Monday, February 15, 2016

2015 "Nature in Kingston Chase" Photo Contest Entries


Ellen Claff
Butterfly on Echinacea 2
Overrall Runner-Up

Ellen Claff
Butterfly on Echinacea 1

Ellen Claff
Butterfly A

Ellen Claff
Butterfly B
Ellen Claff
Butterfly on Zinnia

Ellen Claff
Five Eggs

Ellen Claff
On Day Old
Ellen Claff
Two Days Old

Ellen Claff
Three Days Old

Ellen Claff
Finch Female

Ellen Claff
Finch Male

Joel Ross
Praying Mantis
Animalia Runner-Up

Brady Golomb., Age 12
Folly Lick Cardinal

 Paul Short
Honorable Mention

Paul Short
Animalia Winner

Paul Short

Christine Auslander
Red Bush
Fall Runner Up

Christine Auslander
Fall Winner

Christine Auslander
Trail with Red Overhang

Christine Auslander
Bend in the Trail

Ellen Claff
Mantis Mating on Pepper


Ellen Claff
Praying Mantis Laying Eggs

Ellen Claff
Praying Mantis on Daylily Stem

Rosemary Buley
Butterfly on Sedum

Joel Ross
Dogwood Leaves
Honorable Mention

Joel Ross
Orange Leaves

Joel Ross

Brady Golomb, Age 12
 Blue Clouds

Maria B. Age 10
Monarch on Zinnia
Honorable Mention

Maria B. Age 10
Monarch on Pink Zinnia
Honorable Mention

Maria B., Age 10
Two Birds in a Bush
Winner Neighbors and Nature

Maria B., Age 10
In Our Front Yard

Maria B. Age 10
After the Rain

Maria B., Age 10 
The Elusive Hummingbird
Runner-Up  Neighbors and Nature

Christine Auslander
Sunrise Over Sadler's Wells

Christine Auslander
Red Sunrise

Cristine Auslander
Pink Fire Sunrise
Winner Spontaneous Photo

Christine Auslander
Sunrise with Headlights

Christine Auslander

Paul Short
Bee on Dandelion
Winner  Spring

Ellen Claff
Butterfly on Butterfly Bush
Runner-Up  Summer

Ellen Claff
Grasshopper on Celosia
Honorable Mention

Paul Short
Changing Seasons
 Winner- Summer
Clara Hampson, Age 14
Summer Greens

Brady Golomb, Age 12
Red Clouds
Winner Winter
Winner  Overall]
Best Junior Photographer



Monday, September 21, 2015

The 2015 “Nature in Kingston Chase” Photo Contest Guidelines

Entries are category-specific, let us know which category you want your photo entered. (If you have a photo to enter and aren’t sure in which category to enter it, let us know and we’ll help you decide.)

The categories are Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Anamalia, and Neighbors in Nature.

Young photographers(9 years and under), are encouraged to send photos for our Kid Photographer Showcase. We will publish one Kid Photographer photo a month, chosen at random, in The Crier.

Also, we’re including a special recognition for the best phone photo – so when you’re out and about in the neighborhood and you snap a photo with your phone - send it in!

Photos must be taken within Kingston Chase, the retention pond, or Folly Lick Stream Park environs.

Email photo entries to

Winners and runners-up will have their photographs displayed in the clubhouse.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Congrats to the Winners of the 2014 "Nature in Kingston Chase" Photo Contest!

  Winner – Winter by Larry Cohen
  Runner-Up – Snow Cotton Balls by Joel Ross

  Winner – Common Merganser by Allen Hart
  Runner-up – Dogwood Blossoms by Joel Ross

  Winner – Sunflowers by Heather Kapushoc
  Runner-up – Visiting the Flowers by Allen Hart

  Winner – Fall Leaves by Joel Ross
  Runner-Up – Dog at Folly Lick by Myriam Kane

  Winner – Juvenile Hawk by Lisa Benavitch-Green
  Runner-up – Butterfly 2 by Ellen Claff

Neighbors and Nature
  Winner - Bee’s Eye View by Clara Hampson
  Runner-up – Chipmunk by Joel Ross

Overall Winner – Cooper’s Hawk by Allen Hart
Overall Runner-up –Cardinal in the Snow by Allen Hart

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2014 "Nature in Kingston Chase" Photography Contest Entries

Juvenile Hawk by Lisa Benavitch-Green
Winner - Anamalia

Bluebird by Ellen Claff

Butterflies by Ellen Claff

Butterfly 1 by Ellen Claff

Butterfly 2 by Ellen Claff
Runner-Up - Anamalia

Chipmunk by Ellen Claff

Deer by Ellen Claff

Hawk 1 by Ellen Claff

Hawk 2 by Ellen Claff

Hummer 1 by Ellen Claff

Hummer 2 by Ellen Claff
Praying Mantis by Ellen Claff

Summer by Larry Cohen

Winter by Larry Cohen
Winner - Winter

Dog 1 by Myriam Kane

Dog 2 by Myriam Kane

Heron Takeoff by Myriam Kane

Heron Landing by Myriam Kane

Dog at Folly Lick by Myriam Kane
Runner-Up - Fall

Sunflowers by Heather Kapushoc
Winner - Summer

Snow Tunnel by Heather Kapushoc

 Playground 1 by Erica Lucas

Playground 2 by Erica Lucas

Playground 3 by Erica Lucas

Toad by Mike Rosati

Cicada by Ruthie Rosati

Cicada Metamorphosis 1
Series from Cicada Metamorphosis by Tina Sullivan
 Cicada Metamorphosis 2

I1c Cicada Metamorphosis 3

Red-Necked Grebe by Allen Hart

Canvasbacks by Allen Hart

Cooper's Hawk by Allen Hart

Ovenbird by Allen Hart

Common Merganser by Allen Hart
Winner - Spring

Another Flower Visitor by Allen Hart

Visiting the Flowers by Allen Hart
Runner-Up - Summer

Feed Me! by Allen Hart

Cardinal in the Snow by Allen Hart
Overall Runner-Up

K1 Fall Red Leaves by Joel Ross
Winner - Fall

Fall Palette of Leaves by Joel Ross

Snow Cotton Balls by Joel Ross
Runner-Up - Winter

Maple Encased by Joel Ross

Glass by Joel Ross

Dogwood Blossoms by Joel Ross
Runner-Up - Spring

Carolina Chickadee by Joel Ross

Chipmunk by Joel Ross
Runner-Up - Neighbors and Nature

Reflect by Clara Hampson

Bee's Eye View by Clara Hampson
Winner - Neighbors and Nature

Stream in Sunlight by Clara Hampson

Turtles on the Dam by Clara Hampson